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Topic: Vaccine Injury News and More

Below are all of our blogs relating to various vaccines, vaccine injuries, and VICP updates.

New HIV Vaccine Shows Promising Results

Latest California Vaccine News

Hepatitis A: Making Headlines with Recent Outbreaks

MVL Founding Partner Max Muller Featured on NBC10 Philly Investigators

Potential Lawsuits for Reactions to The Zostavax Vaccine

Effective Immediately: The Statute of Limitations for Shoulder Injuries and Guillain-Barre Syndrome Cases Has Been Extended [Retroactively] to March 27th, 2009

We Are Seeing a Definitive Increase In Shoulder Injury ("SIRVA") Claims

An Article from The Washington Post feat. Paul Brazil

California Bill Would Require Nearly All Public School Children to be Vaccinated

Incidences of Acute Demyelinating Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) Following Vaccinations

Transverse Myelitis from a Vaccination

Shoulder Injury Caused by Vaccine (SIRVA)

The Significance of Medical Records in Winning Your Vaccine Case

Vaccine Injury Compensation Program‚ Exception to Rule Requiring Six Months of Symptoms

Rotavirus Vaccine Can Cause a Stomach Blockage in Infants

Victims of Vaccine Injuries Can Recover Costs of Future Medical Care

Vaccinations Can Cause Transverse Myelitis

Whooping Cough Vaccine May Not Halt Spread of Illness

Preventing Serious Shoulder Injuries from Vaccine Administration

Shoulder Injuries Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA)

The Washington Post, "I got a pneumonia shot - and then the pain began"

Reporting Adverse Vaccine Reactions

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